Month July 2011

Review of Tadzio Vol .1 (Subvert Central)

Here’s a review of Tadzio Vol .1 by Subvert Central ” Terry Riley aficiocondos and Elbow pseud-post-rock despisers, this 23 minute mini-epic hits hard. Brighton’s loutish sleaze is no benchmark for Tadzio’s Rock-turned-Ambient excursion. Beginning as a raga-ish speechless malaise,… Continue Reading →

Caretaker / Undersmile Split available for Pre-order

The Undertaker EP is now available for pre-order! Featuring Caretaker and Undersmile, this 35min Split EP is the perfect showcase for both bands. Pre-order now on glossy lancing-pack CD (shipping 5th of September) from

Komrad added to July 21st Gig

Oxford’s progressive metal titans Konrad have been added to the bill on the 21st of July at Readings Facebar! The lineup now goes: Undersmile 22:30 Greg(o)rian 21:40 Komrad 8:50 Mutant Zombie Foetus 20:00

Events page

Hmm there seems to be a problem with the events feed on the website… this will be corrected shortly…

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