Here’s a review of Tadzio Vol .1 by Subvert Central

” Terry Riley aficiocondos and Elbow pseud-post-rock despisers, this 23 minute mini-epic hits hard. Brighton’s loutish sleaze is no benchmark for Tadzio’s Rock-turned-Ambient excursion. Beginning as a raga-ish speechless malaise, transforming to brighter territory with pin-pricks of percussion. Rounded off with flavoursome, vocalised structure that texturally counter-produces the former self. Imagine a friend who you tried painfully to keep hold of, quietly severing into the wild, where you can neither reach them, nor where you are attempting to track down any way possible. You’re going to feel torn, but alleviated as a result of this, rightly or wrongly, being the best move. Tadzio’s progress bolsters the effects of disconnection, pulling anticipation apart, but you’re thankful for each sections’ quick diffuse.”

Review can be found here (about halfway down the page)