Four track mini-album of sprawling, deep post-rock songs and wintery ambience is out today on digital download. “The UK is gripped by its coldest winter for 30 years and we’re blocked in by a foot of snow. Perfect conditions for Abandon to wreak their bleak musical carnage. This mini album features a mere four tracks but runs to 52 minutes, and while you have to admire its majestic misery, after a while it can feel like you’re trapped in a blizzard-bound log cabin for a week. Across a shifting landscape of spangling guitars, discreet fuzz and a mournful vocal groan, he touches bases with Flying Saucer Attack, Dead Can Dance and Swans, especially on the final track, a desolate gothic dirge. It’s all very Siberian in feel and if you’re wanting to soundtrack a country gripped by Arctic weather this is as good a choice as any.” – Nightshift Magazine