The 2nd album by Abandon is released today. “Vigilance” features 9 new songs, including the single “Fear of the Future”.

“Vigilance” is available now on all major digital platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play etc). Also available on digital and CD on Bandcamp, in 6 panel cardboard sleeve with artwork by Umair Chaudhry.

Some words from a recent review of the album:

“At sixty-seven minutes, Vigilance is not a short album, and yet you don’t have to be afraid of Abandon running out of ideas, as the second half is in my opinion even more striking that the first one. The seven-minute-long Our Roots Know is my favourite track. The broad synth part that is running through the song should warm your heart, and the melodic structure feels like from a different dimension.”

“If you need reference points, think of Justin Broadrick’s Jesu teaming up with Slowdive, offering over an hour of well-crafted shoegaze with some hints of sad core and post metal.”

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