In the spirit of free music and artist promotion I’m going to be launching a donation-based net label called Blindsight Media. It features releases from my past and future projects and that of other artists. Most of the releases at the moment will be freely available to download on multiple formats with high quality artwork, but some future releases may require a modest minimum donation. The site will feature other mediums such as music videos and live gig recordings, which will also be free.

If anyone would like to get involved and contribute some music to the site please do get in touch! I would love to hear from anyone who is serious about their music and art, and dedicated to providing free music for the benefit of very skint people these days (like me). And if the economists are right things are going to keep getting worse, so making money from alternative music not created to please the masses is becoming harder and harder. Not a problem if you’re one of the many Coldplays of this world, but if you’re like the rest of us get your music heard for free. And if your art touches people and changes their lives, they will WANT to pay you something for it. Thats the theory anyway 😉