A new album by Monday Morning Sun called “Boundaries” will be released on July the 1st. It features 8 new songs, with the progressive dub/triphop/shoegaze style first developed on the first album “The Usual Mile”.

Release format will be digital download (MP3 / FLAC / Apple Lossless), price £4 minimum donation.

See below for album artwork, tracklisting and a preview of “Never Look Back” and downloadable “Near a Black Hole” from the album…

MMS Boundaries

1. Worse Than a Murderer (9:23)
2. Never Look Back (8:38)
3. Too Close to Home (6:12)
4. Near a Black Hole (10:00)
5. No Sight / Change (7:26)
6. Boundaries (6:27)
7. The Quest (6:30)
8. Overshadow (7:01)

Preview tracks:

Never Look Back (Soundcloud link)

Near a Black Hole (Soundcloud link)