Futureproof is a new collaboration between myself (Umair Chaudhry) and Stephen Frame (ex Girl Power / Drore / Bersicker / Faith In Hate), drawn together by our mutual love of crust punk, hardcore, black metal and doom

“Senseless Everything” features 4 tracks written and recorded over 2 years worth of experiments and jams

You can listen to and purchase the EP here:


senseless everything

“EP opener and title track ‘Senseless Everything’ sets a suitably apocalyptic scene: raw, ragged and feral punk/metal screal and scuzz. ‘Light Bearing Gun’ is vintage velocity anarcho-punk while the EP’s highlight (or darkest corner, depending which way you look at things), ‘Blight’, sounds like Killing Joke’s ‘Requiem’ taken behind the bins for a kicking by GBH and Godflesh, riffs left like twisted strands and shards of metal amid decaying debris. Eleven-minute epic ‘Demons to Sum’ is a lurching, slow-motion chug and grind of downtuned riffage and brutish deathcore snarl that sounds like the soundtrack to postapocalyptic wreckage and possibly guttural arguments over who gets to eat the last rat on the fire.” – Nightshift Magazine