Following my recent departure from Keynote Studios, I have re-intiated Trojan Horse Recordings and gone freelance. Years ago Trojan Horse was originally run from my house in Oxford as a recording facility for local and non-local bands. There I recorded much Xmas Lights material, various collaborations and projects were born and I recorded many bands.

As I listened to such classic rock records as Led Zeppelins “Houses Of The Holy” (with that enormous drum sound) I realised one thing for sure, that those kinds of records just cant be replicated at home.

Trojan Horse Recordings now has a newly revamped website and myspace and is commencing high quality recordings again in conjunction with other studios. Aiming for quality, depth and warmth using the best A/D converters/preamps/microphones Trojan Horse looks to produce some amazing music this year (hopefully! if the bands come).

In other news the Harry Angel recordings went very well, we got a deep dark sound going and bucket loads of atmosphere. You get the feeling a live band is playing, with a smooth produced sound. The result is organic… and i’m well chuffed. One of their tracks “The River” can be heard at the Trojan Horse myspace.