Following my last post I’ve changed the name to Blindsight Records… website is 80% completed and there will be a Facebook and Twitter group setup for the label in the coming weeks. I have a few artists on board so far, but again if anyone has music they would like to feature give me a shout. Benefits of being on the label are 100% of donations goto the artist and gaining exposure through the various promotions I’ll be doing via Facebook etc. Also I’ll be offering to fund bands to get their stuff on iTunes and other big mp3 stores via an artist deal.

One Day Soon album is almost finished, 11 songs are included the proceeds of which will be going to charity. The songs range from barebones ambience, to orchestrated epics and full songs with vocals.

I’ll be offering a live band video recording service via Trojan Horse Recordings. Bands who want high quality footage of themselves live with multi-track sound recorded via the house desk or transformer based mic-splitters will benefit from the service which will do wonders for them in terms of band promotion. I hope to have a showreel of video work within the next couple of months.