The debut album by Abandon is now available on CD / Digital from Blindsight Records, Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes and other retailers.

Abandon’s debut full-length is the culmination of 2 years’ writing and recording. Expanding on the sound of previous releases, the self-titled album features eight unreleased songs, each a separate meditation in sound. Within 65 minutes the songs traverse through contrasting shades of light and emotion, culminating in the celestial dirge of “White Summer”.


Track listing:

1. Wonder (4:22)
2. Flaws (6:45)
3. Constant Reminders (7:34)
4. A Hole That Can’t Be Filled (6:24)
5. Not For Who You Are (7:24)
6. A Dark Room Filled With Light (9:22)
7. Deep Within The Earth (9:22)
8. White Summer (13:33)

Link to purchase the album on CD / Digital on Blindsight Records